How to configure the AWS CLI to your local environment?

Suthar Prashant
Aug 30 · 1 min read

Nowadays AWS is a very common service that every single company or person uses for code deploy, creating lambdas, deploy machine learning models. So If you want to create s3 bucket from your code or create any service using code or using Serverless you need to configure the AWS CLI to your local environment for easy access. To set up the AWS CLI we need to download AWS CLI to our virtual environment.

pip install awscli

once it is installed we need to configure the AWS configurations to our local pc. For that, we need the access key and secret key which you can get from your AWS account. Once you get keys execute below command.

aws configure

Now it will ask for 4 values as follows:

1. access key :- your account access key
2. secret key :- your account seccret key
3. region :- your acount region ex,us-east-1
4. output format:- text

Bingo the set up is done. Now you can easily access the AWS from your command line. enter AWS command to check.

Thanks for watching the blog.

Suthar Prashant

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Pythonista | Data Science | Django | Flask

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