Blogging tips for 2017

A guide to dominate search engines with a kickass blog or website (Make money online).
 The following steps show how to create an effective website or blog that draws more traffic than others.
 Read till the end for clear idea. Reading time 7.30 minutes


This is the most important step of all. You must know your competition and difficulties. 
If you are starting a blog based on health then you should know that there are thousands or may be even millions of health blogs are already on the web. 
Search engines rank your site based on keywords in your articles not by blog category but even so the competition here is too high. 
I am not saying that getting traffic is impossible but it is difficult.
For example, if you start a blog specific about Paris catacombs or a life of a mariner then the competition is low and There is a high chance for your blog to get on the first page of search results.


choosing a right domain name is a must for blogging. there are two varieties of domain names.


The domain name that you choose from your own imagination. This type of domain can be used if you start a business and need a domain in that name or if you need a domain name that promotes or represents your content. 
 The pros of the new domains are that they are spam free because no one used your domain before and high flexibility that 
 you can choose a name as you wish.
 The cons of these types are that they have no authority in search engines. Domain authority is the main factor that indicates the power of your website or blog in the search engines. It is indicated as DA. At first, you have zero authority so you need to create high quality content to improve authority which increases traffic and ranking in google.
 but it is a time-consuming process.


The domain names that are used before and then expired. This type of domain can be used if you are more concerned about traffic and money than the branding.
 you can buy expired domains through various online marketplaces. The price can differ according to their metrics(DA,PA,TF,CF,RD). search about these metrics for a clear idea. Higher the authority higher the chance of getting traffic. we recommend a minimum of 20 DA, 20 PA, 15 TF and 15 CA for expired domains and dont buy a domain with spammy links. 
 The chances of getting to the top of the search engine is much higher than the new domains.
 The pros of these domains are that you can choose high authority domains and built your site in it, You can choose your niche specific domains. for example
 if you are starting a travel blog then choose an expired domain that is related to travel or it is already a travel blog. which gives more power for your blog.
 The cons are that you can’t choose your desired name and the chances of spammy links in the domains are high. Spammy links may impact your search results and
 High authority domains are expensive.

There are steps to find free expired domains. For more information about this free feel to contact me.
After selecting a domain name register it. I prefer namescheap because the registration cost is low and get free whois privacy.


search engines drive traffic to your website or blog by taking account of 200 factors one of them may be your hosting.

Hosting is a storage for your blog or website. you can choose a wide variety of hosting service providers from internet ranging from 1$ to 12$ a month. Most of the domain
registering companies also offers hosting services. In the previous years hosting is not a big deal. But it matters now. First choose linux hosting instead of windows plex. Plex is slower than linux and Choosing a right hosting IP is a must.
For example if your blog is mainly about sushi. check which people in the country that search for sushi more than others. Then host your domain in that country’s hosting server. All hosting companies
provide hosting in different locations. When someone(in japan) types about sushi in google. it searches for high quality blogs about sushi. Google at first
gives priority to high quality blogs with ip’s that in the same location(japan) as users. choose the hosting IP according to your targeted visitors location. This method is not proved but worth a try.


If you are very good at program coding just create one because it is faster than the open source platforms like wordpress, drupal and joomla. Search engines love high speed sites.
but if you don’t then just go for wordpress. It is very popular among the bloggers. Wordpress has a lot of options and you can choose a wide variety of themes. You can even create a social network in a hour.
some of the things that you should consider before using wordpress.
 1.Choose a simple, flexible and pleasant theme because complex themes may contain bugs which will create problems in future.
 2.Don’t install too much plugins it will slow down your website loading speed. Just install useful plugins like contact form, front end editor,yoast seo etc.
 when you found that your site becomes slow then uninstall some plugins it will do the work.
 3.Import your wordpress database regularly if somethings goes wrong it can be used to restore your site.
 4.Delete the links in your footer.php file because it pass down your link juice to another site.
 5.Install a membership plugin or use facebook pixel code in your site because it can be used to target your audience and make you to connect with them or can be used for
 marketing purposes.


After you set the theme. create home page, about us page and contact page these are must for all blogs and add .xml sitemap.
Make your home page with good and attractive contents as you can because if your landing page is boring then the visitors leave your site as soon as they enter which increases the bounce rate of your site.
Bounce rate is a metric used by search engines. High bounce rate affects your traffic as well as ranking.


you must use a title for your blog or website as well as articles in your blog. For website title(you can see it in the browser tabs as well as in search results), 
choose something attractive that defines what your site is about in short. When someone searches for your blog or website then the first thing they see in search engines is the title 
of your blog or website . So take your time to choose one and also write a description about your blog. If you are using a wordpress then there are many plugins to do this job.
Note: Always use your domain name at the end in the title. For wordpress users the plugins automatically do the alignments.
 Ex : Reduce your body fat in a week | Fatfree


Before posting the contents in your page you need to research about the keywords. It is a set of words that describes your content. It help search engines match a page to with an appropriate search query.
you can use these keywords in your articles but don’t overdo it because google will find out that you are stuffing keywords for search engine results. It may affect your sites standing.
 For example if your content is about decreasing the weight of our body then your keyword may be “REDUCE WEIGHT”.
For choosing a keyword you need two programs
 1. Keyword suggestion tool.
 2. Keyword planner.

Keyword suggestion tool gives a number of keywords based on the title of your aricle and keyword planner shows how many people searching for this keyword.
After selecting a keyword from suggestion tool place that keyword in keyword planner to see its popularity and competition. Choose a keyword with moderate competition.
Higher the popuarity of the keyword among users then lower the traffic in your blog as well as your revenue. If your site is for affliate marketing then choose a product
with high percent of commission and low keyword competition.
 For example if the product is 15KW generator it’s affliate commission is $120 and it’s keyword is best generator. Not many people search for generators. so the competition
here is low. so, there is a high chance that the users who really want to buy these generators visit your page and buy through your site. Due to high commission rate for this product 
you can own a big sum of money.


when you post something on your blog the google and other search engine bots crawl your website. During the process of crawling, google has an algorithm called panda.
If you post contents that are already in web then panda find out that your content is not unique. hence it affects your blog authority. so try to post contents that are unqiue and interesting.
You can check the uniqueness of your content by plagiarism checker. Some bloggers use spun contents which are created using certain softwares or article spinners. These spinners automatically
rewrite the contents that are already in web to make it appear as unique. 
We don’t encourage you to use spun contents. We recommend you to use unique contents and make your site look genuine. Search engines like unique contents.
If you are not good at articles then don’t worry there are thousands of article sellers around the world. You can buy high quality unique articles from $3 to $5.
most of our clients buy articles for their website because it is easy, cheap and high in quality.


Link is a url that directs visitors from other site to your site. You can see it in a wikipedia page. Building links are necessary for every website. A blog without a link is like a bird without a wing. 
Links not only increase your authority but also improves site traffic. Please note that Google rank your site based on quality of links not number of links.
You can obtain links by following methods
 1. Creating social media accounts and connecting it to your site. Open accounts in many social media sites as possible because social sites have high domain authority which passes link juice
 and traffic to your site. share every content that you post in your site through social media. You can use automated social account management softwares if you have many blogs and dozens of social accounts.
 2. Getting links naturally from other bloggers if they find that your contents are high quality and worth enough to put your url in their blog. It takes time to get these kind of links.
 3. Getting links by Manual outreach. It is the process of asking links from other bloggers by explaining the value of your content. To do this you must have a valuable content.
 4. Getting links by guest posting. It is the process of asking links from high authority sites for a certain price ranging from $15 to $300 per link based on quality. It is expensive but works.
 5. one of the cheapest method is getting links from private blogs. In this there are two types one is linking with spun content other is linking with unique content.
 This method is not as powerful as guest posts and comes with certain risks. So proceed with the support of an expert.


After your site is indexed in search engines (for indexing submit a xml sitemap to google webmaster tools). Sign up for a google adsense account and paste the adsense code in your site and it creates a advertisement banner 
when someone enters your site if they see and click that advertisement banner you will get a small amount of money. More traffic you get more money you make.
If adsense program doesn’t work for you then there are plenty of other programs such as RevenueHits, Chitika, Adversal, Clicksor etc. If you are interested in affliate marketing then check out Amazon affliates, Clickbank etc.
Even if you do all the above, patience and hardwork is necessary.If you are new to this don’t worry Every artist was first an amateur.
Let me know your comments and fell free to contact me.


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