It’s not long time when I was traveling back from shopping with mom and something strange caught my eyes. In the way as I got across a church, I saw an old couple sitting outside that abbey. Though they looked well off and from some good family, they sat with a group of beggars and their wrinkled faces carried an extra wrinkle at their foreheads, I didn’t know for what but I guessed they were tensed for some reason so I went to them. I wanted to talk to them but mom hurried me to home. The next day as I returned back from school, I did my lunch and rushed to the same church in search of that couple. But I could not find them. I enquired about them from the people around but returned home in vain. Days passed, but that sight remained stuck into my brain. I used think what might have happened to them that brought them in such condition. Reasons could be many but one possibility haunted me.

About 3 months later, when I was on the way to home from tuitions, I observed some familiar faces. It was the same couple. They looked happier this time but a little weaker as well. They were walking with some more people of almost the same age group as them, cracking jokes and laughing loudly and moving towards an old age home.

This scene was totally different from what I saw previously. But the change was good.

I went to them and said, “good evening grandma, good evening grandpa”. They replied sweetly, “good evening beta” and gazed at me in a confused manner and asked, “ who are you??”. I told them about the evening I first saw them and asked that what had happened that day, why did they look so tensed and sat between beggars.

To this what they replied was something horrific, something I was afraid of earlier.


It was a warm evening of May,

When I was in my way.

My eyes got struck outside an abbey,

To a couple with their hair almost grey.

It was an old couple,

Their foreheads, with a hopeful wrinkle.

Their eyes, waiting for someone

Whom they knew will never come.

Their child for whom, they had endless Love and faith
To whom a better life they gave,

Left his parents on streets to beg,

To just save their life thread.

They cried they grieved,

With a never fulfilling hope they lived

That one day their child would pass from that way,

Will recognise them and take them away.

At least to see their grave,

With whom he started his life wave.

  • - Saraswati Tiwari
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