We’ll be we again

We’ll be we again,

Encounter ourselves again.

Relive, relaugh

In our own realm,

In the same way we do now.

We’ll be us again.

We’ll cross the same streets,

In a bit nostalgia.

Grin and laugh

At how we used to be,

At how we meant to be.

Reconsider ourselves

That how in the race

To touch the peaks,

Left our roots behind,

Made ourselves part from them

And came far, very far.

We’ll get back to our roots again,

Get back to the same crazy streaks,

Who were ours.

Who moved at our steps,

And we at theirs.

Remember those small groups,

how we used to laugh at silly jokes,

Looking even sillier.

Recall the day we left each other

To proceed in lives

And wait for the day,

To part again.

To again become stories.

Stories, bit funny.

Stories, bit sentimental.

Stories again.

To relive in memories.

Memories, bit ecstatic.

Memories, bit sad.

Memories, they for us.

Memories, we for them.

Memories again.

-Saraswati Tiwari

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