How to Effectively Use Lighting to Create a Safer and Efficient Construction Site

Proper construction lighting is a necessity to ensure the safety of both workers and the public. If natural lighting isn’t present or sufficient, particularly at night, dedicated site lighting will allow potential hazards to be spotted quickly and managed more easily.

The correct level and type of lighting will not only improve the safety of the construction site, it will also help to maintain a more secure working area. Lighting is a good security measure to deter thieves more likely to approach the site equipment in the darkness, as well as making any suspicious activity more visible.

Although the lighting requirements will differ from site to site, a properly lit environment will help to minimise the risks of accident or injury, whilst increasing the level of productivity and task efficiency. Construction site lighting is therefore required to:

  • Facilitate the clear and safe carrying out of tasks
  • Ensure the safety of those in and around the construction site by making hazards visible
  • Be able to adapt with changes in working activities as the construction progresses

This means that not only the main operational area needs to be considered, but all access routes, stairs and to some extent the surrounding areas should be properly illuminated to allow people to see clearly and move around the site safely and effectively.

The levels or intensity of lighting required at each required location, will also vary depending on the needs of the construction site and workers:

  • The highest level of lighting will be needed for more complex tasks, or tasks that need a greater level of visual accuracy.
  • A high level of lighting will be required for tasks that need a moderate level of accuracy. It will also be needed in areas around any construction equipment or machinery, as this will ensure a safer operation of the equipment.
  • A lower level of lighting will be needed to properly illuminate all operational areas or areas where workers will be moving. Any construction tasks that require a low level of accuracy, or any places where there are large objects, will need to be correctly lighted to assure health and safety.

In addition, emergency lighting is essential to help workers safely evacuate the site should an emergency situation occur, and to effectively light any emergency signage. An emergency lighting solution is important in the case of a power outage or emergency, as this will reduce the likelihood of injury or accidents.

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