Andela Boot Camp — Submission day ONE.

Counting three days old in Kenya…. awesome

From the day of arrival (Friday), till date (Monday). Andela has given me some of the busiest days of my life which has come with a dose of pain and pleasure. Now i know why they call it a boot camp.

Woke up early morning, weekend went unnoticed as it passed by while i was staring at my laptop and massaging its buttons, LOL. Thanks to boot camp, for the first time i trailed the streets of Nairobi alone with only one little fear of getting lost but then i had to go to I hub for reliable connections, carry on the discussions and also seek for help where needed.

IHub… First encounter……….

Today was my first time at IHub, and all i can say is that Andela is taking me places already. At IHub, it was like another branch of Andela and with pretty interesting people as well though not as interactive and amazing like the ones i found at Andela. :-D

At Ihub, with amazing people like Beth Mwangi, Luke the Alchemist, Carrina and many others, i learnt that with team work and good group discussions, and slack conversations with Mr.Scott, alot can be learnt and shared among one another. Very Awesome people., OMG time is almost running out on me and i have to configure my connection before the D-hour, okay then, i hate good byes, but time is running so fast and leaves me no choice….

Have never been so far away from home alone but with the thought of Struggling to Join ANDELA, i don’t miss it that much… Lol.. MHBFA.
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