Day -3 BootCamp

Oh, you want to here about my experience in BootCamp so far again, really? How about we talk about something different, something like… have I told u about the people I have met at Andela, I mean to say the amazing people I have always hinted on in my previous articles. Well today I would love you to meet them..

The Gate lady.
How can I have met people and not talk about the “gate Lady” sorry for not Using her real names. Well, she is the first person I talked to, well why do I have Interest in what we talked about and her role.
1. She opened the gate while I was reaching for my dreams … can’t ditch that. meant a lot to me. “Kind of a BIGDEAL”
2. She told me about a one Victor Kironde. Now who is Victor Kironde.

Victor Kironde is, ….. wait before we get to that let me introduce you to another interesting person I met and this is HARRIET. Now if you don’t know the Harriet am talking about and you in bootCamp then you may not become a fellow. :-D ….. Just kidding … or was I..(Lol) don’t mind that. Anyway, Harriet is the lady who was coordinating the interview and the boot as I remember and for what She is a serious lady who means business and serious. “She won’t fear to say the truth, no matter what damage is caused…” FYI …. I am sure may be because I found her sending back a gentleman who came late for the interview, kinda gave me goosebumps but also was not in a bad Way Awesome…. I mean u know the value of time.

Now about Victor…. wait wait wait before I talk about Victor, allow me to Introduce Joy a.k.a @joykare(first “friend” I made at Andela). Now Joy also has a quite interesting character this I realized on the first day of boot camp when she took as through “do as I say and not as I do” the little voice still runs through my mind.

And that takes me to Scott Businge, besides being a fellow countryman, (Ugandan), the connection between me and him was really good so felt more at home. We surprisingly met here and got to know each other better. He is such a good guy.

Meet Jimmy Kamau. Now Jimmy is that gentleman who ‘gat’ his cool. really calm, not easy to predict and I also think closed to strangers but that’s cool (my own opinion). He also happens to be my Facilitator and I couldn’t ask for more.

Now meeting Kironde Victor. This was so mind blowing and made me love to Work with ANDELA more having all those namesakes i.e. + Kironde Mahad in the same place when it is not a family reunion felt so good and so at home. Victor was good to me and I wish Could get to know him better “awesome people”.

Speaking about “awesome people”, how can I not mention Beth Mwangi…. saving best for last.. hahaha. A Very constructive friend and also fun to be around. Gave me quite This paragraph is dedicated to her for being always available when almost no one was. Forever grateful.

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