President Farmaajo and the House of The People; Thank you for a good job.

To all of you criticizing HE President Farmaajo on the subject of one-man-one-vote elections;

Let me chew this whole issue in a kindergarten language, for your easy digestion, especially to rancid critics with a shallow understanding of how the current system works.

Somalia has a quasi-totalitarian democracy, where clan cartels elect members of the lower house(National Assembly). The Federal Member States(FMS) including the renegade provinces “elect” the upper house (Senate).

The bicameral houses then elect a president.

This is the most hypocritical form of electoral ‘democracy’ that should be discarded like expired milk. It’s a rotten system belonging to the dustbins of history.

It worked in 17th century America and was dropped there. In recent history, it has been used in Afghanistan of all countries.

There have been several talks, led by President Farmaajo to break this electoral conundrum by taking elections to the people, but most FMS, Opposition and traditional power-mongers preferred INDIRECT election where clan cartels prevail. For the obvious reasons, which I will refer to as attitudinal corruption or criminal capture.

The House of The People (National Assembly) then stepped in.

Direct elections it is!

Can Kenyans, Britons or even Americans accept the current electoral form in Somalia where clan cartels anoint MPs! Who then vote for the president? The answer is an overwhelming NO. They will not even give the idea a full hearing; they will trash it resoundingly.

In America itself, the issue of the electoral college determining a president-elect is a very hot potato.

President Farmaajo and the House of The People; Thank you for a good job.

Vox populi, Vox Dei.

By Onyango Ochieng Jr. Aqoonyahan Kenyan ah.

I welcome the decision by Somalia National Assembly (Lower House) to extend the term of President Farmajo by two years so as to enable the National Independent Electoral Commission(NIEC) organise a PROPER election based on “ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE” system as opposed to the current archaic clan-based GERONTOCRACY.

This is why, I am surprised by the wave of critics against this wondeful move by Parliament.

These critics don’t understand- unwittingly -the beauty/benefits of universal suffrage. Where every man/woman in the land is ENTITLED to a vote, and that vote COUNTS!

On trial here is the definition of “democracy”, which is: A government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE , for the PEOPLE.

This can only happen through ONE-MAN-ONE -VOTE system. No shortcuts!


In the USA, Article II of the Constitution empowers the Congress(National Assembly)to postpone the elections based on severity of prevailing circumstances.

New Zealand postponed its elections last year.

Examples are countless in the annals of democratic experiments.

What Somalia Lower House has done is not strange to the law. Its neither a ballot coup! Its wisdom undiluted. It’s visionary.

In Africa, I don’t know any nation that uses the current electoral system in Somalia. Which to me, belongs to the past! Not even Swaziland of all countries.

A little sacrifice for longterm benefits will not hurt the nation and the people of Somalia.

NIEC now have the time to do a good job towards realisation of a FAIR and CREDIBLE elections where citizens will go to the ballot and vote.

Congratulations Parliament.

Congratulations HE Farmajo.

Waxa qoray or by Onyango Ochieng Jr.