A letter to all WinQ VPN service providers — Follow the article to make real QLC earnings!


  1. Duo compensation mechanism for WinQ VPN service providers

2. Claim your QLC compensation

2018 World Cup is around the corner, we see it a great chance for WINQ VPN service providers to capitalise on. Prepare yourself for 50 QLC/day as revenue, starting making real money from registering your VPN asset in the WinQ marketplace!

1. How to claim your QLC compensation

Since WinQ currently runs on the NEO TestNet. All QLC earnings from providing VPN service will be first settled in TestNet QLC. To compensate VPN service providers, we offer a way to claim the service provider’s real QLC earnings subject to their testnet earnings.

Your real QLC earnings= Overall QLC balance — 100 QLC /per wallet

  • Claim your real QLC earnings via submitting the google form
  • The top 3 asset sharers in our daily ranking list will be provided with extra QLC rewards. Updates on asset rankings will be published on a daily basis on the WinQ facebook account from

All real QLC earnings conversion and rewards will be distributed on a weekly basis. We are looking to engage more user in VPN server setup as the suppliers of our VPN market place.

3. Suggestions for boosting your earnings from asset sharing

  • Change the system settings of your phone allowing WinQ dApp to run in the background.

Reason: Your VPN server will stay online longer and get higher chance to be picked. The longer your VPN server stays online, the higher your server will likely to rank in the list. Your client’s loyalty to your VPN asset also nurtures when its availability improves.

  • Come up with a tempting name for your VPN asset. Use cheap, fast or relate your VPN name to some buzzwords of the time.

Reason: 35% of the interviewees of the winq feedback investigation told us that they will decide which VPN server to use according to its name. So make it a hit at the very first sight!

  • Check the status of your VPN server and conduct regular speedtest.

Reason: ensure the using experience of your VPN clients. You are generally operating your own VPN service on the WinQ platform.

4. How can you tell whether we are being honest

Real user story from an early adopter and long time WinQ user Maurice Levy

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5. How to set up your own VPN server from scratch

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