Uncover The Unknown Destinations During This Durga Puja

Durga Puja is that one time of the year when the best travel agency in Kolkata go on an overdrive to present the best destinations where the wanderlust in you can go. However it is always a confusing and difficult task to zero in on the place where you would like to go. So here are the top destinations to look forward to.

Fiji Island

Fiji Island

In the last two or three years, Fiji has established itself as a go to beach destination. Be it a family vacation, a honeymoon or a group of friends out to have fun, Fiji with its aquamarine water and numerous beaches like Yasawa, Waya give great view of the cliffs and peaks. Also there are options galore in the water sports department like Jet boating, scuba diving and snorkeling.


Motuvan In Croatia

Although less explored than many of its other European cousins, Croatia is a sight for tired souls and minds. Be it the culture, food or simply the spectacular scenic beauty, Croatia ticks each and every box. The must visit place is Colloquial Plitvice that is the largest national park in Croatia and the oldest in Southeast Europe. For those with experimental appetite, the grilled items will be to their heart’s delight. Try ‘Pasticada’ which is a meat dish and accompanying it will be the best of wines like kabernet, merlot, pinot and others. Added attracts for this beautiful country are the music festivals and the opportunity to sail through its 2000km coastline having more than 12,44 islands.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands (India)

This group of island in the Indian ocean is a treasure-trove of pristine beauty, jaw dropping diversity and excellent water sports. Pay a visit to Cellular jail, Chidiya tapu and the Japanese bunker. For the snorkelers and scuba divers, there are many and varied opportunities. As far as beaches are concerned, there are Ross and Smith Island Beach, Guitar Island Beach, Wandoor Beach, Port Blair and many more. Last but not the least is Mount Harriet that is the highest point in South Andaman.

Tour packages from Kolkata are becoming more adventurous by the day and so are the travelers. Therefore ponder less and make the plans for travelling far away this Durga Puja.

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