Amazing Animals Discovered Within the Last Decade

Feb 21, 2018 · 2 min read

The era of discovery has ended. We’ve charted every corner of the planet, explored its deepest jungles and its highest mountains and, with each year, it becomes more abundantly clear that there just aren’t any freaking dragons out there, man. I think we’ve been cheated!

Though to be fair, we did find a handful of new and real animals in the process, some even as recently as this year. Unfortunately, none of them breathe fire and soar majestically in the sky above, terrorizing local villages, but many of these newly uncovered animals are still pretty gosh darn amazing. Take for example…

10. The “Horror” Wasp

Discovered in: 2011

The above monstrosity was officially discovered during an expedition to the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, but it has been observed before… in the nightmares of the criminally insane. The specimen in the picture is a male of the newly-classified Megalara Garuda species of wasp, named after the mythical half-man, half-bird warrior Garuda, the national symbol of Indonesia. It’s also known as the “King of Wasps,” “Warrior Wasp” or the “Komodo Dragon of the Wasp Family.” Personally I like to call it “the definite proof that, yes, Satan does exist and he’s coming for all of us.”

It’s not simply the fact that the Garuda wasp reaches 2.5” in length or the fact that its powerful jaws are so huge they wrap around its head while closed and are longer than the bug’s legs while opened. All of that is definitely a huge part of this insect’s horror-tude, but what really gets me is the fact that scientists speculate that the wasp evolved those powerful jaws to hold the females down while it does its dirty business to them. So, basically, it’s a flying monster rapist.

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