lollipop on thursday. a short story.

Piglet: Why is Thursday called Thursday? 
Winnie the Pooh: Because on Thursday you’re thirsty for Friday? 
Piglet: Hmmm… Is Friday better than Thursday?
Winnie: No, but it’s closer to the weekend.
Piglet: Is the weekend better than Thursday?
Winnie: Hmmm… Provbaly not, but it’s 2 days instead of 1. 
Piglet: Can we count Thursday as 2 days?
Winnie: I’ve never thought about it but maybe…maybe.
Piglet: Ok then let’s make Thursday 2 days and count Friday as a…lollipop?!
Winnie the Pooh: Lollipop…I like it!
The end. 🍭

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