Exceptional Care for the Remarkable Girl

The specialists in women’s healthcare South Utah Women’s Health Center is the most reliable clinic offering latest innovative technology treatments and exemplary services to ensure that she is well taken care of and her health is treasured for years to follow.

Setting topnotch standards in the field of women’s health care, this health center understands the female body and related issues to the core. Well-equipped with a team of specialists who are dedicated to proffer the best care and having world-class medical services here, women can approach them for anything and everything. South Utah Women’s Health Center has an outstanding team of board-certified physicians, gynecologists and obstetricians with experience spanning years, to diagnose the intimate workings of women.

Their range of services include
• Prenatal care
• Pregnancy
• Infertility
• Family planning
• Cancer screening
• Gynecologic surgery and minimally invasive surgery

Contributing to the health-care of females, St. George pregnancy center provides a wide range of treatments, advises and special care. Understanding the apprehensions and health issues related to pregnancy, they provide

  • Childbirth planning
    • Breastfeeding support
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Cesarean section
    • Delivery
    • Early pregnancy loss
    • High-risk pregnancy care
    • Multiple births
    • Postpartum care
    • Prenatal/maternity care
    • Pre-pregnancy counselling

The specialization of the physicians here in varied fields and their expertise helps women to recover from various issues without any apprehensions, successfully. The specialized services they offer for health includes

•Premarital counselling & exams
• Annual pelvic exams
• STD screening & treatment
• HPV screening & vaccination
• Breast health exams

Dedicated to help women face life with confidence and ensure that they have a dignified entity, the experts are here to assist them when health concerns arise. To manage these issues, they help in the

  • Treatment of incontinence
    • Treatment of menstrual irregularities, like heavy bleeding
    • In-office surgery
    • Treatment of gynecological conditions

Having achieved the accreditation in Obstetrics & Gynecological Ultrasounds and meeting all the standards stipulated in this profession determined by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, maintaining excellence in patients’ care is their motto. Effective and safe in proffering various treatment methods, the team of specialists here understand the apprehensions of females and ensure numero uno care replete with treatment.

The stellar team of physicians eager to be of service are Craig D. Astle, MD., Brady N. Benham, MD., Joan Van Eggert, MD., Coby T. Brown, MD., Tracy W. Winward, MD., Pamela J. Sorensen, RNPA-C and Johanna Rojas, PA-C. Healthcare for women remains the #1 priority at South Utah Women’s Health Center and with their vast experience in diagnosing and treating the normal and abnormal female reproductive system, women can approach them with confidence. From reinforcing good health habits like regular breast exams and pap smears, family planning and cancer screening, handling high-risk obstetrics as well as various other gynecological problems to management of infertility and laser treatments, the expert team of doctors make sure that every patient leaves this center happily. They offer various professional services in the fields of Primary and Preventive Health Care, Gynecological Surgeries as well as Prenatal Care & Delivery.

This Utah Healthcare & Pregnancy Clinic is equipped with the most sophisticated and user friendly staff and equipment to provide exemplary care to each of their patient. They can be contacted through their portal or via phone at 435–628–1662 for an appointment, 435–628–0498 for Billing & insurance details and at 435–628–4969 for Nurses’ Line, Prescription Refills & Lab Results.

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