As my daughter falls asleep in my arms, I think I have a message for her:

Another day. Another hour. Another place. Similar emotions. The same sense of peace. Yet again as you fall asleep in my arms, this thought strikes my mind. And, yet again you make me experience oneness with love.

Then, just then, a tiny drop of tear trickles down my cheek. No, that’s not weakness, my dear. That’s the natural expression to tell you that I’ve become strong on the inside and purged with your presence in my life. That I must’ve done something good to have been blessed with you. That with every such tear drop, and each day that passes, my unconditional love becomes deeper.

There is so much that I can see in your eyes. There is so much that I can share with you. But, there is so much that I’m experiencing right now. Is it really you who is sleeping, or was it I until now? I’m reminded of the sleepless nights that your mother and I have had when you were still in the coziest place of the womb. I’m reminded of what your mother had to go through to see you cry for the first time. And that your first cry made her and I forget all of that.

I can now see what challenges I have. I can now see what my parents would’ve gone through to raise me. I can now tell you that it is tough. And, I know that you might not understand. But, don’t worry, it all becomes clear when a tiny fist, a tiny life wraps itself around your thumb and a pink bundle of joy looks at you in the absolute awe.

I can tell you that this world is a wonderful place for you; that it has unmatched, unparalleled contrasts for you. That it has both love and hatred, both bright and dark forces, both good and bad, and both domination and submission. That the world will bring to you this contrast in a manner that’s unlike you expected. But, in the end, it will be worth living. In the end, it will be a journey worth sailing for.

Until the world begins to open up to you, get drenched in the only universal truth of acceptance and love. Until then, enjoy the carefree, detached attachment with your parents. Each day will bring you a different color, and each one will have a different experience. Take all the colors that you can, and make your life colorful. And, remember that anything cold that should touch you will have to first pass through us.

But until that time, cuddle into the limitless warmth, experience the oneness with peace and sleep like we all wish to. Goodnight, my dear.

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