Five Things I Must Do as a Writer

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve yearned for a book of my own. I grew up with this exciting thought of coming up with a book of my own; of seeing my name on a book’s cover. My assumption was that as I would grow more into this profession, my yearning would eventually fade. That didn’t happen. While I prepare to release my first book, I have begun working on the concept of my second book, which is what sounds both logical and but understood to most of those who know me. For this post, I’ve decided to share with you those five things that are most important for the writer in me — and you:


Almost every day I come across a topic that I can write about; partly because I have a daughter. I come up with logic and reasoning, random stories, and, at times, make funny faces and noises just to bring a smile on her face. That might have nothing to do with writing, but that sure has taught me an important lesson: that our lives belong to those few moments that we live to the fullest.

Imagination: the write step.


When I write, I don’t wish people to talk about how I wrote. I wish people to talk about how something even they had encountered was written in a language that was simple yet moving and straightforward yet effective. It is not about the content but about the story in that content; not about what you wish to share but how you share it. That’s the difference between imagining and conceptualizing.


That should be easy — or so we think. How many times do you hit the Writer’s Block? I hit one especially when I do not (or cannot) either organize my thoughts or set a target. When I know about what I wish to write, I break it into logical, sequential topics. Then, I set a target for completing the first draft. On most such occasions, I finish with the task at hand before time. But, to do that, I practice writing. I pen down every thought that comes to me. Here’s the catch. Even while I write, I keep thinking about what I wish to communicate. Within my mind, I come up with different versions of sentences for the same thought as I type. I rethink, I recompose, and I rewrite. This brings me to the next important thing.


Rewriting is as much about the delivery method as about the content itself. Like I said, it is not about the content but the story in it. I know that while writing I might have poured in every single thought that struck me. And, that’s why I rewrite four times as much as I write. I compose and I recompose. If the essence of writing lies in giving words to your thoughts, then the essence of rewriting lies in making the story in those words readable and believable.


Although, within my mind I meant “publish”, but “sharing” is the only word that fits here; publishing sounded way more restricting to me. As a writer, I wish to share. If I were talking to you, I’d do just that. And, that’s why “publishing” sounds restricting. I don’t want to talk publicly about something that I can share in a personal, one-to-one conversation. As a writer, I wish to do just that. I wish to converse. I wish to put my thoughts in front of you, and not advertise about it.

This completes the list. If you too have a list of your own, please share.

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