The Creator Manifesto

We are destined for greatness. We have the thought, the awareness of the thought that we exist for a reason. We exist for the purpose of making our lives fulfilling. The only way to make our life fulfilling is by making others lives better. Not by cheating them. Not by faking it. By genuinely working on creating something.

Creation is not product

Creation is a process. Product is an end goal. Product creation is a process. It does not just happen. It has to be done on an ongoing basis. it has to be done incrementally. In parts. Awareness of how you think and why you think how you think is very important. Otherwise you are in the flow, going with the flow.

Maslow was right.

We keep going back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. We haven’t had to worry about our basic needs. Although we are trying to question them. Why do we need to buy 10 pairs of new shoes every year. We must examine the need to consume. Consumption is great and all that — keeps the economy moving. But consumption without thought is following the masses. We buck the trend. We are more aware than the average joe.

Or was he?

Maslow’s hierarchy argument only goes so far. We are friends with many others that are in the same position. Who knows what they think, how they think. We start with values and stick to values. This makes making decisions a lot easier.

Zoom out so that you can zoom in.

Creation is difficult. Not impossibly so. But painfully so. It’s a lonely place. Your only validation is love from others for your creation. And the details are messy, complicated, full of ups and downs. The big picture is where you want to focus. but its not always easy to zoom out to the big picture a.l.a. Prezi.

No shortcuts.

Bluntness, honesty and open feedback are key to us. If we don’t understand it, we don’t believe it. If we don’t believe it, it should not happen. No shortcuts.

Be around people that make you better.

We need to surround ourselves with people that are also creators. m=Makers of things. Not distributors, aggregators, fakers. There is no such thing as creating value for your clients. It’s about making people’s lives better. And we are a good filter for our own creation. Start there.

The toll of creation

Creation takes it’s own personal toll. We are vulnerable to become so much a part of our own creation that we lose ourselves in it. It becomes us. No separation between me and my creation. It doesn’t look healthy. It feels unhealthy. We need to find a better balance. Spend less time, do things with more focus when you do spend time. Life is about living. Living fully.

We are not perfect. We make mistakes.

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