Health Care and Education, Evaluation and Privatization — 1

For services like health care and education, it has been hard to evaluate their performance. The major reason, I believe that it’s due to the NON-PROFIT feature of both health care and education.

Since the major goal of both health care and education are not to EARN the MOST they CAN, it is difficult to take account of their improvement in service QUALITY. Further, this characteristic also indicates a lack of incentive toward providing a service with better quality.
In other words, when price in restaurants and hotels tells the quality of service; when higher revenue is clearly the reason why we strive to improve our quality, this does not apply to Health Care and Education, because they are not here to earn profit.

To make things worse, government intervention is usually strong when it comes to health care and education. The salary of workers in these two service is then subjected to great constraint.

In the end, we have two problems: 1, how to evaluate the performance in health care service and eduction? 2, how to provide workers with incentive to improve the quality of service?

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