In the face of adversity, I’m unflappable. It’s inherent in me, just part of my God-given makeup. I’m not bragging, its a real strength in me powered by a divine force.

Since, I had symptoms that suggested cardiac arrhythmia my cardiologist on September 24, 2018 (I keep an excellent medical journal) inserted a medtronic linq, a cardiac monitoring device, in my left chest wall. Life went on.

Then in the Fall of 2019, I started feeling out of sorts. I was light headed, heaviness in my chest, short of breath, fatigue and my gait was off. A couple of times I had short bouts of vision loss when for a split second everything went black. …

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More Than a Mere Survivor

Interesting how a similar story told by two people can have such a huge variation. It’s not that either one is fabricating a tall tale but rather our memories and experience of it are different.

For ten years, I have been writing my memoir. My goal is to finish and publish it in 2019. The story is full of great and wonderful people but not always in a positive way. Feelings will be hurt and hearts broken.

As life is filled with pain and sweetness, so too my memoir. In these pages you will meet the people that guided, defined and challenged me. Most important, you will meet my grandmother — Albinita T. Aragon. …

Suzana Sandoval