The 6 harsh truths about being a social entrepreneur

I discovered Daniel Priestley back in November of 2016. If you don’t know him, he’s the best-selling author of 2 books: Become a Key Person of Influence and Entrepreneur Revolution.

His homepage at carries his blog on the 5 harsh truths that set you free as an entrepreneur. And his willingness to be brutally honest is a much-needed breath of fresh air! They are:

  1. It’s hard and it gets harder
  2. No-one is coming to save you
  3. There are no big wins, only incremental progress
  4. In order to do the work you love, you have to win the work, and
  5. There’s no foolproof system that will work for you.

While I completely agree, I think Daniel’s list needs a 6th “harsh truth”:

6. Deal with your inner saboteurs, or pack up shop and save yourself the heartache and blow to your financial security!

The truth is that until you see how much of your energy they demand you use to maintain unhealthy relationships — with yourself and others — the more you imprison the creative intelligence you need to be a powerful catalyst for social change.

Charles Handy, the management expert often talks about business alchemists. He compares elephants — the big organisations that make money but aren’t creative — with fleas — the entrepreneurs with dreams and ideas.

It’s the fleas that make the real difference in this world. They’re the catalysts for positive change.

And as fleas it’s our ability to create something significant out of nothing more than our creativity and skills, that goads the elephant to do things differently.

So what can you do about your relationship with your inner saboteurs?

First you can take Daniel’s test that scores how effectively you’re currently being as an entrepreneur who’s trying to be a catalyst for change. You’ll get your personal score, plus a 30+ page booklet with great tips for how to improve in the areas you’re under-performing in. Just click on this link.

Second, you can take my powerful 7-Day Shift Programme that helps you change your relationship with your most active saboteur — the inner bullies. Because when you lean into them you discover the key to a healthy relationship with them. One that gives you back your exclusive rights to making the decisions in your life!

Because, as Daniel says at the end of his blog, “… if you embrace the struggle, it’s loads of fun.” And it really is!

I’d describe it as worthy of a hero’s (and heroine’s) quest!

Joining my 7-Day Mindset Shift means learning how to shift easily from your saboteurs’ “No!” to your vision’s “Yesss!!” It might be a free event but that doesn’t stop me from giving you loads of mindset tips to support your shift, plus personal coaching every day! I’m way too committed to helping you make a real difference in the world to let a little thing like “paid” or “free” stop me from sharing what I’ve learned with you at this stage of our relationship! Just click here