It is about power and control

Keeping trans women from women’s safe spaces such as restrooms or changing rooms is always presented as a concern for the safety of women and girls. However, it is about power and control; it’s about denying an ‘other’ the right to exist. And since trans women are women, then this…

My gender dysphoria is the main reason I am afraid to get too close to others emotionally and physically.

A woman covering her face with her hands as though she is afraid.

I have a fear of intimacy caused by my gender dysphoria. I keep people at arm's length and do not let them get to know me too well. I am afraid to share anything beyond a certain depth. I am especially am fearful of being naked with another person I…

How have I changed in the past year?

There are two main changes that stick out for me: I lost significant weight through daily intermittent fasting, I lost my fear of my sex reassignment surgery.

Since February, I have lost close to 40 pounds from daily intermittent fasting. I will not try to sell you on it nor…

Years of being bullied came to a head one evening.

‘’Pojke eller flicka?’’ echoed across the parking lot of the local grocery store on a cold December evening. The voice asked if I was a boy or girl in Swedish.

Ahh, fuck. Again? And in Swedish?

Finland has two official languages, Finnish and Swedish. Only about 5% of the population…

I thought everyone handled it the same.

Chess is a game played best by not communicating to your opponent what your strategy is. If your opponent is clueless about what you’re doing on the board, they will likely lose.

However, in relationships, clear communication is necessary for long-term stability. …

Suzanna Alastair

An American ex-pat trans woman living in Finland. Email me: secretadei at

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