Day 23 … Diet and Cleanse

Protein days are decent, I am never hungry, I usually cannot even finish my food. Protein makes me less likely to crave sugar, that is a good thing as well. To make up for the diet soda I am not drinking I do drink sodium free sparkling water, it makes me happy and gives me a little joy. :)

I am working a 50 hour week so I am mainly tired. My doctor made me stop taking all of my vitamins one week prior to surgery so sleeping is a challenge. I do not appreciate that, I find my anxiety acts up at bedtime and keeps me awake no matter how tired I am. Apparently vitamins can interfere with the sedation. I am grateful it is Thursday and I just have one more 10 hour shift and I will be off for the weekend. I am going to push on through with a smile on my face and then I can sleep on Saturday and Sunday ❤.

I am surviving this 30 day cleanse and I am grateful for the self control I have practiced. The results have been worth it as well. I have learned so much about my mental, physical and emotional health, it has been worth every moment of my time. I am putting my self-care first and it is paying off in every aspect of my life. I am succeeding at work, my relationship with my family are thriving and I am practicing an immense amount of self love. This is beautiful.