Forty three years ago I quit college, bought an old VW bus which I turned into a camper and moved to Yosemite for a year to climb. That was a wonderful though sometimes lonely adventure. I learned to use my voice, how to focus, became completely enamored of the Sierra Nevada, and was stunned by the ever present beauty. I was young, willing to take risks and open to what the world had to offer.

In those 43 years I’ve grown up. I’ve had a career I loved, I’ve gotten to raise a daughter who is my perfect match, and I’ve had friends and loves who’ve been so close we’ve blurred the edges of self. And once again I’ve quit (work this time) and bought an old VW bus.

I’m ready for another adventure, though I’ve learned that having a body that’s aging offers plenty of adventure without having to look for more. I’m ready to fall in love with the countryside again, though the Sierra Nevada may always be my first love. I expect there will be moments of loneliness again, though this time I’m traveling with my daughter and electronics. Last time I brought along a tool chest and book on how to fix your VW, this time I’m bringing my triple A card. (There are also advantages to being older.)

Simone and I are planning on leaving Hanover June 19th and arriving in Atlanta Georgia around July 25th. Please join us. I’m imagining I’ll have time to take pictures and keep this blog so we can stay in touch. I’ll send you an email every time I make (write? have?) a new post.

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