Morning of day 5. Simone stayed up late last night listening to the NBA draft so I have time to blog again while she sleeps.

  • We’ve been following a small 2 lane road along the South coast of Lake Erie the past two days. Yesterday we woke up for our last day in New York, drove through Pennsylvania and landed near Ashtabulah Ohio. I’d hoped the road along the south shore would give us hours of beautiful views but there is a strip of houses between the road and the lake so you’re mostly getting glimpses of the lake through trees. Nevertheless we’re sticking to the small road because we can get a much better feel of the countryside and who lives here this way. The alternative would be interstate 90 which is fast but quite removed. (One of the occasional views).

Our days have fallen into a routine without us even talking about it. I get up early and walk for an hour or two before waking Simone up. Breakfast and then another hike, this time together. The most beautiful of these was up Buttermilk Falls, a series of cascades that went on nearly a mile, and then flattened out into a beautiful creek near Ithaca. Higher up the cascades got taller and hidden around corners, with crystalline pools at the base. I thought I was in Hawaii except the rock was wrong.

Then early afternoon we get in the car and drive to the next campground. We’ve usually scoped out a couple of options and then we see what happens along the way. It’s often rained in the afternoon so it’s a good time for driving and indoor stops. We’ve stopped at a winery for a tour and tastings and gone to a museum about the Erie Canal. We’ve watched the impact having a port on the lake has made on the economy of an area.

We’re staying in campgrounds every night, the last two being right on the shore of Lake Erie which is enormous. (I knew that but it’s different to feel it. It looks like the ocean but it smells wrong without the salt). The sunsets have been lovely and we’ve fallen asleep to the sound of the waves. Each campground has had it’s own character. All of them are primarily RVs. Sometimes people stay inside their RVs and it’s pretty deserted. Other times they have set up outdoor sitting areas with lights and tables and one time even a sofa. We’re not pulling our weight at either type of campground but we do have a string of tiny lights and the camper offers plenty for friendly conversation. (That’s Lake Erie beyond the trees).

We’re just beginning to feel the upcoming major population centers effect on the number of people. Today’s routine will be different as we figure our way around Cleveland. There is a dearth of public campgrounds on the far side of the city, so we’re going to have to figure out how to look up private sites or do a lot of driving

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