Simone and I are sharing 80 square feet for 4 weeks.

At least that’s what I read. This is working only because:

  • We’re both small people.
  • We spend parts of the day apart. I get up early and hike while she sleeps in. I also often hike when we first get to camp. Simone has all that time to herself and she stays up way past my bedtime talking to her boyfriend.
  • We’re driving part of most days giving us lots of time to talk in the car. We’ve talked about religion and our thoughts on God, politics, raising children and money. Those kind of conversations don’t get to happen often, and I am so grateful for them that all other problems seem worth it.
  • We’re both trying hard, keeping things clean and neat, coming up with systems together and doing more than our fair share.
  • We’re both small people.

Last night, evening 8, we stayed at Towas Point in Lake Huron. I. Was able to hike out to the very end of a narrow peninsula, one of my favorite hikes so far.

And here’s Simone.

Tomorrow we’ll drive to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

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