Video Production is Sending Pranks into Overdrive

March 31st is always tense, wondering if tomorrow you’ll fall victim to an April fool’s prank the next day. Most of us fall foul to a few petty pranks and laughs are had by all involved. But in recent years there have been developments in technology leading pranks to be more elaborate, wider spread and ultimately more humiliating for those who fall for them!

With the internet well and truly taking over our lives and our ability to like, share and repost growing daily a peculiar trend has taken over our much loved brands. Gone are the days of watching out for the salt in the sugar shaker, we’ve now got to look out for the brands pulling the biggest elaborate jokes of the day.

Many brands now build an April Fool’s joke into their business model though who can forget Google infamous “Mic Drop” backfire last week? It even resulted in people losing their jobs, as the email signature they created disallowed email users to receive important replies. Luckily not all companies have endured April Fools’s Fails with one in particular standing out in my eyes.

Tennent’s Lager, a pillar of Scottish culture launched an advert that seemed just too good to be true on April 1st. Lager by drone? What could be more appealing to the lager lovers of Glasgow! Unfortunately for the good citizens of Glasgow, it turned out to be one big joke commissioned by the drinks giant and Wire Media PR.

The ad begins with the realisation that “the troops are on the way” but the host hasn’t got anything for them to drink, but luckily, but thanks to Tennent’s you can now order a 4 pack direct from their brewery within 30 minutes of placing your order.

The production by videography studio Mallard Productions is shot expertly. We see a drone taking off from its base, surrounded by yellow cones, up and up above the grey streets of Glasgow. It lands much to the glee of the recipient waiting eagerly at his front door. The troops are saved, the cans have arrived! With a wave our customer sees the drone off on another delivery, bleeping and blinking as he goes.

Customers can even have their delivery sent to their exact location meaning top floor flat dwellers won’t have to set foot near the stairs. Al fresco dining in Glasgow is no stranger to park goers attempting sneaking a can, and with the new drone it’s now easier than ever, plonking down comically onto a couples chippie.

This April Fools prank is light-hearted and almost plausible! By using expert video, actors and a service we all desire it’s no wonder the video was viewed over 100,00 times in 24 hours. It really “took off” if you ask me! Watch the full Tennent’s commercial and see for yourself.

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