How to Use Window Film in Your Bathroom

Benjamin Franklin enjoyed a daily health ritual: a nude “airbath” in front of an open window. He thought fresh air on bare skin was cleansing, so he spent time reading and writing in the fresh morning air. Perhaps Mr. Franklin would have been in his element in many of today’s homes. Master baths featuring large windows are a common design element.

The Naked Truth About Bathroom Windows

Unless you share Ben Franklin’s propensities, big windows in the bath present challenges. How can you get the privacy you need without shutting out the natural light? Curtains and blinds solve only half the problem.

If you want to protect both modesty and natural light, window film is the best option for retrofitting bathroom windows.

You could replace the windows with specialty glass, but that is prohibitively expensive and permanent. Window film is versatile, affordable and removeable.

Here are some options for using decorative window film in your bathroom.

Frosted Looks

Frosted glass is a classic choice for adding privacy. Light shines through, so no curtains are needed. Windows retain their original style, altered only by the subtle addition of opaque film. Depending on your home’s sight lines, you may only need to cover the bottom half of your windows.

Graphic Designs

Do you love the look of etched or stained glass? Install window film with graphic designs. You can choose a minimalist monochrome image or a traditional stained-glass look. Whatever your taste, you can order a custom design something to satisfy it.

Love mermaids? Want one on your window? No problem. Request film with flowers, sea creatures or whatever image you choose.

Not Just for Windows

Do you share a bathroom? Are the shower doors a little too clear for comfort? Many master suites include bathrooms with dual sinks and roomy accommodations. These baths streamline the morning routine by allowing more than one person to simultaneously use the facilities. However, if you prefer privacy when showering, you may not enjoy the shared experience.

Window film works great on shower doors. As with windows, you have a choice of a frosted look or graphic designs. Film serves an additional safety function on shower doors made of tempered glass. This safety glass is manufactured to break into many small pieces with rounded edges. In rare cases, tempered glass spontaneously shatters creating a mess and hazard in the bathroom. When the doors are covered in film, the pieces are held together.

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