Poem — I couldn’t Grow Roots in the Sand

Doha Pearl on Doha

What brought me here?

Was it the money?

A child and a baby in tow

A husband stranded from visa whoa

A mother angry for religion sake

An unknown land, an unknown pace

Some gifts were gained

A mother`s love, for ties to our precious ones

Hidden gifts can always be found

We scrambled hard to build a new life

You name it, it was hard to settle in

We made it work, our home at least

At work, I had a hidden beast

I gave my all, with love and pride

I felt connected with my background

Combined with my love for all around

I worked relentlessly, with heart and soul

And surely, my rewards will come

If not on this Earth, then in good faith

What brought me here?

The year dragged on

My first colleague saw what was going on

He left me alone, with chaos abound

A new colleague in tow, with no background

Teach him from scratch work even harder

Surely my rewards will come

The chaos continued, she showed her fangs

He gladly let me work so hard

What’s happening? Why double standards

From work I get so many rewards

Her Fanginess, however, shows her true side

Love for he and rage for me

He nears to me and my whole family

He gets too close, he gains our trust

Tried to break my loving home

He lost at this, my bond is great

His anger turned with Mrs. Fangy

Joined forces were now turned upon me

Why is this happening? I work so hard

Work from the soul and give to all

Surely my rewards will come

Something is wrong, I do feel love

The love is coming from those that count

The students soar, I grow new bonds

Her fanginess enters in every way

Why tell me things that aren’t true?

Why put your problems on to me?

Do it once, I can move on

But every day the same abuse

What is my crime? Avoiding passes?

Avoiding talk of switching families

Of uncomfortable talks and crossing boundaries

I cannot let him have his way

It’s defined as rape and like so many

The victim is the one to blame

Surely even without rewards, there is a truth, but it must be found

I can’t believe it, not in this country

They say the woman is protected

The Supreme Judge, swore to my truth

But someone here has magic powers

Connections are the strength of the hour

So now we must investigate

People come to find the truth

Is this when my rewards will come?

What`s this? Those of them that actually see..

They disappear seems they were fired

What kind of investigation are you running?

Underneath me, and under my roots

They gnaw at me, and poison my fruit

It happened like nothing I ever saw

My confidence now from endless meetings

Together they made a combined hallucination

I do know me, but they are strong

Being fair, I search hard in the mirror

Is there something to what they say?

Who cares about the ones that count

Her Fanginess has all the power, the evil man is lashing out

The very man that walked around as if he knew where goodness lay

It is what brought him close to me

Now I know he did not have it

It was in ME he tried to grab it!

And anger came and lies exponential

All around me there was no strength

People were just full of fear

But what could scare them? Was it a power?

And now I know what brings them there

They leave their lives, head to the sand.

We did not come with the same hope

Why would someone leave their good land

And live their lives to try to change

This new home to what they once had

Put down the locals, insult the culture

Complain about your unkept maid

Who are you now? You really have changed

For those of us that work from the soul

Who refuse to change, who want to learn

This place will never bear a fruit

There can be green in a desert climate

But what eats the roots? Is it the heat?

Or is it something even bigger?

Is it the poison of the oil?

This poison has unimaginable strength.

It feeds on greedy. It feeds on hate.

Where is the problem? Follow your finger.

Dig in the ground and find the cause

The problem is not here or there

It’s greed you see and easy power

For those of them without real strength

Are threatened when they come to see

A genuine growing fruiting tree

You changed my life you changed my family

You insult me to choose your bounty

But what about the ones that count?

The people we have come to serve?

I worked for them, this cannot change

And surely my rewards will come

For now to those with little strength

Do not ask what really happened

They concentrate with noses down

They do not want to know the truth

For this may take their oil away

You must understand it’s easier this way

They say I am one, and they are many

But here we have the real mistake

If I was one you have a point

But look around

This happened before it`s happening now

My students say the evil man

Continues with them in front of all

Her Fanginess can never manage

She threw her oil on my roots

She`s not alone she had some help

They swept it all under the carpet

But they forget, it`s really awkward

That every carpet must be aired out

There is an end, they do not see

I sleep at night, I know my truth

Among themselves they are so nervous

Anger was their driving force

I sleep at night I look in the mirror

No one can ever take that away

My roots are deep, they will remain

Oil is not what makes me grow

They tried so hard but could not win

No matter what truth shall prevail

I can look back I know I found

What truly lies under the ground

The oil may prevent some roots

When truth is there you come to find

The reward in me and everywhere

The strength is me; the strength’s the truth.


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