Constantly Calibrating on Work and Life: Why “Balance” is Bull
sima sistani

Superb article, thank you. The working world is constantly talking about equality and balance, but all it does is create uncertainty, guilt that we’re not doing enough, and comparison. I think true equality is when all aspects of life are seen as equal, no one task or role seen as above or lesser than the other, and truly live that philosophy. Women are the first who need to see this for themselves and not make anything more important than another because as you rightly say, the work-life ‘balance’ is bullshit. We do constantly feel what’s needed at any one moment, and that could be to put greater focus on work, or it might be with your family. We do both (and everything else) with the one body, 24/7, so anything that impacts — for good or worse — the body, gets taken into all activities/roles/areas. True equality is knowing this and being at ease with it.

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