A Room 101 moment

When I was growing up dresses were hung on hangers by inserting the hanger into the shoulders and so were blouses. Trousers were folded and hung over the bar part of a hanger. T shirts and jumpers were folded and placed into drawers or on shelves..only skirts were hung up using little ribbons inserted into them for that purpose.

Now we are plagued with these blasted ribbons. They are no longer fairly wide and short, they are now extremely long and very skinny. They are in shoulders of garments but are placed so they come out of your neckline or your sleeve. They are across the back of the necks of tee shirts and completely visible above the neckline. They are even in shoes for goodness sake!!

They drive me mad when wearing them but they also cause havoc in the shops, especially on overcrowded racks. It doesn’t matter whether the shops have the shoulder hangers with grooves or slots for these or the clippy ones posh people used to use for skirts it is guaranteed at least one of the items you try to remove from the rack will be tied, tangled or wrapped around at least one but more likely three other hangers.

I spent ten minutes the other evening before going out untangling these horrible “hangeruppers” from the lace/tie that fastens the front of the blouse.

I can’t be the only one….can I?

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