The Best Diet And Exercise For Weight Loss

best diet and exercise for weight loss

What’s the best diet and exercise for weight loss?

I often get asked about what to eat and how to exercise.

I used to ask these questions of other people too.

I figured if I did exactly what they had done then I’d get the same result.

The thing is we’re all different. We have different metabolic rates, different amounts of sleep, our bodies respond in different ways to stress, we have different stressors!

What really stresses me out might be only a minor annoyance to you and vice versa.

The problem is we don’t trust ourselves, so we look to others to tell us what to do.

We go looking for ‘experts’ and in the diet and fitness industry there’s no shortage of those!

Sadly, many have little care for people as individuals. They just see them as numbers to make money from.

I know I sound jaded, but there’s a reason that weight loss is a multi-billion dollar industry

Why do so many of us look externally for someone to tell us what to do?

Because trusting ourselves and listening to our bodies can be very scary. We’ve been conditioned to follow someone else’s rules.

I can almost hear you saying, “I don’t know what to eat or how to exercise, if I did, I wouldn’t be fat in the first place!”

But have you ever stopped to think that one of the reasons you are overweight is because you’ve spent too long listening to other people’s advice and then rebelling against it when it doesn’t work for you?

How many times have you jumped on the latest fad and been bitterly disappointed when you got little or no results.

But Jenny from down the street did the same thing and lost weight and looked amazing. Wish I were you Jenny!

So here’s my question for you- have you tried going rogue? Have you tried working out your own plan? It seems daunting, but it is possible. What’s the harm in giving it a go?

What sorts of foods does your body like to eat? Not your mind, your body.

An activity to try for a week is to write down everything you eat and how you feel immediately afterwards, and then again how you feel 30 minutes later.

You don’t need to invest in a fancy diary, you could do this in notes on your phone, or in a Facebook group (you buddy up and create a closed facebook group with a friend to monitor each other). For those of you in my community Why W8? you can share this in our group.

The point is not to count calories, or track portion sizes or anything like that, it’s simply to write what you ate and how you felt, end of story.

For example over the last week I have been eating a lot of grilled cheese toasties.

My mind loves cheese toasties, they are warm and comforting and super quick to prepare (have I mentioned I am lazy in the kitchen?)

My body hates cheese toasties, they make me feel queasy and bloated, they are greasy and I feel tired and uncomfortable about 30 minutes after eating them.

So yesterday, having identified that I could not face another cheese toastie, I opted for a casserole instead,and it tasted amazing! Both body and mind were happy.

What sort of exercise does your body like to do?

My mind loves dancing! My body hates dancing as it’s a killer on my knees.

My body likes to lift weights. My mind thinks weights are boring — so we compromise with some body weight exercises and an awesome playlist on my ipod.

The thing is unless you tune into yourself and really identify what it is you like and don’t like you will never know!

Stop letting other people tell you what is best for you and really start to listen to your own intuition.

Lastly, be patient with yourself. It takes time to unlearn old habits and really start to tune into your body.

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