Probably not a good idea to publicly slam the company that pays your bills and the CEO that signs…
Kris Gellci

YES! Everything you said. Millennials like her are those that give the term “millennial” a bad rap. I don’t fall into that category but have worked with several hard-working ambitious people her age.

I was her age when I first moved to Chicago…getting my own apartment wasn’t even an option- I thought of that as a “luxury”. I shared a three-bed, one-bath apartment in a three-flat with two other girls for 4 years while I worked my way up and could afford enough to get my own apartment. Which I damn sure appreciated more because I worked my ass off for it. Also- her credit card debt is her OWN FAULT. She chose to use that “shiny new piece of plastic” to fund her voyage to the MOST EXPENSIVE place to live in the U.S., instead of waiting and saving up enough money to pay for the move in cash. Also, she said she had to move to a place that was close to the train…then why in the heck is she complaining about having a car!?!? GET RID OF IT. Seriously, this article puts me into a RAGE. I could go on and on but since Kris has already summed up my other thoughts, I’ll leave it at that.

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