5 Things I’ve Learned by Writing Every Day
Linda Caroll

I should print this out and pin it to my bulletin board. I’d add 4.a) or maybe it’s its own thing, but I think I need to commit to that one sentence and to understand that if it’s only one sentence that gets written, that’s better than no sentences. One thing that “blocks” me sometimes is thinking that if I start writing, I have to “finish” a thing — -or a chunk of a thing. Oddly, editing is a relief for me, probably because I’m relieved to have something to edit. I’ve learned that letting a piece marinate, even for part of a day, is helpful which means making sure to get started before being right up against a hard deadline. However, admittedly, working close to a deadline is sometimes necessary for me to be able to declare something finished. Nice essay. It made me think.

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