As someone who has a true love of life and experiencing as much as I can, and a love of variety, I usually find myself with ‘my fingers in too many pies’. For some of you younger folk, that might sound like gibberish but there are many old sayings that have great life advice. This one means to have too many different things going on.

I sat down recently and looked at what I was involved in and surprised myself! I understood why I was always ‘running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off’. Another saying, which basically…

The great outdoors!

This general theme has cropped up a few times over the last week and it is something I am often looking at. Many times the so called necessities of life take up way too much of our lives and we put off the things that really matter.

Quite often when we reflect at the end of the week and try to work out where the week went, we discover little of it has been spent on that which is truly important to us. Days end without us having spent any quality time with our children. Weeks go by without us…

Toasting Toastmasters

I first heard of Toastmasters over twenty years ago. A fellow Shire Councillor (Elected political representative) told me she attended to help her with her speeches to Council (County). I am not sure why, but I felt that Toastmasters was for people who were more educated than me. I had left school at fourteen and nine months. I felt like I didn’t really belong with all these academics but had put my hat in the ring to give the people in the labour force, in my Shire, a voice.

Now, in 2019, I am truly enjoying Toastmasters. The people in…

Connection and interaction.

Children are such precious human beings. They are so full of love, wonder and innocence. They have yet to realise the full scope of the world — the good, the bad and the ugly! They are so accepting and willing to learn.

I browsed through a magazine recently. I believe it was a mothers’ Day edition as it contained some wonderful quotes from famous women. The two that stick in my mind were from two beautiful, talented ladies. PINK, who was quoted as saying something like ‘ the most precious thing you can have hanging around your neck, are the…

What do you see?

They (again, I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but this time I know there have been quite a few, including Aristotle — born 384 BC) say that our basic ideals and personality are formed before the age of seven. Unless we purposefully alter them, they stay with us throughout our adult life.

I have certainly challenged and changed a number of my childhood beliefs, though some still exist, against my will.

I have a saying in my bathroom, which has been attributed to Gandhi, which states “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are…

My mate Eddie.

Eddie is heading towards his twelfth birthday and is slowing down a little. Yet, still occasionally acts like a pup. Or a prancing pony, as I call him. His is a big boy with a loud and frightening bark but is a gentle giant.

Eddie has only been with me about five years but has been in the family since he was a pup. My youngest son was his owner until life dramas intervened and my son’s mental health declined to the state where he had to come and live with me. Naturally, he bought Eddie with him. …

That is the question!

Serendipity is when something good happens, accidentally. When you were in the right place at the right time to pick up a bargain on something you had wanted for some time. Or when you run in to an old friend who you had been thinking about.

So are ‘accidents’? Or could it be that you have created those opportunities by thinking about what you want and putting energy into the feeling you will have once you get it?

Many people believe our thoughts create our reality. Everything has to start somewhere. Once you have the thought, you’re well on the…

Spending quality time with your children is important

Many of us lead very busy lives and it can seem a difficult task to put aside time to do special things with our children. What many don’t realise is that any time spent with them, listening to them and talking with them (not at them) is one of the most prized gifts we can give. By taking the time to listen when they are ready to talk, we show them that they are important. That their thoughts, feelings and ideas have value. …

Come on in. Take a close look!

I always wonder who ‘they’ are. I searched to find the author of these words. I was unsuccessful yet found numerous similar sayings. So, it appears many people agree that the simple things in life are often the best. I agree.

Yet, I have heard people say things like ‘we can’t do anything; we don’t have any money’. It’s like they don’t know how to enjoy each other’s company without purchasing an item, a service or an activity. I understand that fuel costs come into the equation still, there is always something simple we can do. …

Suzanne Gaye Smoothy

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