Long radio silence!

I’ve been busy trying to find a part time job and working on ways to break into ux.

Today, I’m starting a part-time job with the mbta through Thanksgiving. I’ve also been working on the initial submission for the Outreachy program, wherein I will be working with the Fedora project.

My initial submission will include a competitive analysis, for which I am currently writing up a report after putting up groups of annotated screenshots on Flickr. I also need to write up my plans for user interviews to identify current methods for creating and attending local group meetings and events, and the plans for contextual inquiry.

The contextual inquiry may be more complicated than ordinarily, as the entire point of the project is to provide a consistent interface for local and regional fedora meetups. This means that my best users may be scattered across the world.

Solving that problem with my mentor will be interesting, and will involve some compromise. Perfect is the enemy of good, however, so finding a way to get useful information which does not involve me being in the room with the users will be useful. The best possibility probably involves remote desktop viewing, with two-way audio. Other possibilities may by necessity involve a running commentary on IRC. Or maybe Skype. I’m not yet sure, as my mentor Mo and I have only briefly discussed this aspect of things.

Next, beginning the competitive analysis.