Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Two months ago I would have told you that companies who advertise online are annoying and insufficient. They just bug people and don’t actually work. Over the last few months I’ve actually learned the complete opposite. Good content marketing for companies online makes a world of difference between the GOOD companies and the GREAT companies. That doesn’t mean that every company should just hop onto a social media platform and start tweeting like their life depended on it. There are tools and tricks that can be used to guarantee that consumers with want to buy your product and not just get annoyed with all of your information being given via the world wide web. So, for all of the companies that are a little behind when it comes to the does and don’t of social media advertising here is a marking approach that will help you tremendously.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook

Yes, for those of you who know anything about boxing, that is a boxing reference that is essential to the sport. A right hook is typically the “kill shot” where the goal is to knockout or take down your opponent with one powerful hit. The problem with companies on social media today is that they go straight for the right hook in sales. They are committed to making content so good that it will instantly knock out competitors. On the other hand there are companies that are committed to just jabs. Building relationships with customers by interacting and patiently waiting for them to gain brand loyalty. Both approaches work in some cases but the sweet spot is a mix of the two.

The Jab’s

So, lets start with the right content that should be used to construct your jabs. A jab can be made up of multiple different things. Basically, anything that draws people in and is still informative is a good jab. Make your jab simple, interesting, fun, and memorable. Consumers don’t want “ BUY BUY BUY” always shoved in their face. They want to be entertained while reading information. They want pictures, videos, giveaways, and stories that are engaging. Things that portray you as a vulnerable/ likable person that others can relate to. The more you can relate the consumer, the better the jab. The goal of your jab is to build relationships and appeal to emotion. Be subtle, not aggressive.

Nike Facebook Jab

So, lets take a look at this jab by Nike. What are some elements that we talked about that they are incorporating? 1) People can relate to it (it’s true everyone does love an underdog) 2) It’s informative by letting people know who won the Australian open 3) It has multiple Nike logos and their catch phrase ALL without pushing people to by their product. It is simple and effective and that is one major reason why Nike continues to stay on top of the sports industry.

The Right Hook

This is it, what every company is good at doing, asking people for “ favors.” You’ve set it up beautifully and you have your consumers in just the right postilion to do a sales pitch. Basically this marketing approach should be called “give, give,give, ask” but its real title is definitely just as fitting. You’ve given time, information, entertained, and now is the perfect moment for you to reach out and ask for a purchase, donation, people’s time, etc. You’ve build up the relationship so now it is time to reap the benefits. Lets be honest, even the consumer knew that this was your goal all along.

You choose which All-In Burger you want & your Niles Applebee’s will take care of the rest. Get our All-In Burger Meal Deal, now for a limited time.

So, lets look at this right hook. Applebee’s in ASKING customers to buy there new “All-in burger meal deal.” They are keeping it simple by letting the picture of the food do the talking and making sure to put the logo in the image. The caption they choose is also simple but inviting. This subtle right hook is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t make you think too much.

We live in a world of right hooks but it’s important for people to remember that a few great jabs are sometimes more effective than a good right hook.This marketing approach will leave your competition in the dust and build your brand to new levels. So what do you have to lose? Start jabbing…

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