Getting Back on My Feet: A Dancer’s Feldenkrais Story

A dancer since childhood, Israeli Practitioner Ayala Teichman had her first Feldenkrais lesson at the age of 16, but it wasn’t until 25 years later that debilitating pain motivated her to try it again.

Ayala went through a difficult period shortly after the birth of her daughter, when a terrible ’24/7’ pain in her leg prevented her from being able to lift or carry her child while standing. All her activities were restricted, she lived on pain medication, and eventually, the physical pain impacted her mentally and emotionally as well.

Ayala tried many methods in attempt to help herself, but it wasn’t until she found herself in an Awareness Through Movement class at a nearby health club that she found the relief and change she was looking for.

After the very first class, she found that her pain was gone! She continued in group classes, went on to take private lessons twice a week, and then studied in a teacher training program with directed by one of Dr. Feldenkrais’s first students, Chava Shelhav.

Today Ayala works with mostly middle-aged people, who are finding new abilities in the second half of life, and also enjoys working with babies and children, and occasionally teaches Sounder Sleep Sominars. She has returned to dancing and currently studies Latin and Ballroom dance, as well as performing with war veterans in wheelchairs!

You can find out more about Ayala and her Feldenkrais work on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and on her website, which is in Hebrew.


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