Patience Feels Like This: Trending Feldenkrais

A few years ago my writing teacher Laura Davis was kind enough to feature me in her newsletter after I wrote a piece called ‘Patience Feels Like This’ at a writers’ retreat.

Laura said this:

“Suzanne Kronisch wrote this piece at the Commonweal “Writing Retreat of Your Dreams” in Bolinas this past summer. We all loved it because Suzanne so beautifully described something so many of us have in short supply. Personally, I felt like I was getting a tour of a foreign country.”

Patience feels like this:

I can wait.

There’s no hurry. 
As long as it takes. 
When you’re ready. 
When the time is right.
It’s in God’s hands.
I’m not in control.
You’re not in control.
Let’s find out.

Patience feels like this:

It doesn’t matter how long it takes.
What gets accomplished is exactly what what was supposed to get accomplished.
We’ll start again.
Not a problem.
Totally fine.
I’m in no hurry.
There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
I’m not going anywhere.
I have no agenda.

Patience feels like being.

If it takes the rest of my life it takes the rest of my life.
It’ll take as long as it takes.
No worries.
No problem.
My pleasure.
We’ll just go back.
We’ll just turn around.
That’s fine.
Can you give me that again?
I want to understand you.
Can you say it another way?
Let’s slow down.
Let’s not hurry.
I like that about you.
There’s no need to change.

Patience feels like this:

No matter how long it takes, that’s how long.
Whatever it takes.
It’s not about finishing it.

It’s about being together,
 Doing it,
 Enjoying the process.

Patience feels like this:

I’m not trying to change you.
I don’t expect from you what you can’t do.
Let’s see what you can do from where you are right now.

Patience feels like a big, permissive, unhurried opening,
A place where things can only emerge and not be forced or coaxed,
But happen when all the forces are right,
When the karma is ripe,
The conditions are in place
And the space is there.


Patience is just one of the many qualities that one can cultivate in learning to learn. Certainly what patience I have developed over the years is directly attributable to my practice of the Feldenkrais Method®. Historically, as someone who’d had a low frustration tolerance and hated being ‘a beginner’ at anything, my ability to ‘learn to learn’ transformed in the process of working with clients and students. Eventually I learned to extend such generosity to myself, and have found that quality has generalized to many areas of my life, my interactions with others, and my ability to learn new things.

There’s something I have less patience for, though. I want many, many more people to have access to the many benefits our work offers than do currently. When I first encountered the Feldenkrais Method, there were about 75 people in the world practicing it. When my training graduated in 1983, that number became 300. Thirty-plus years later, there are several thousand. Better, much better, the impact we’re making in the world, but we’re still relatively unknown, compared with what’s possible, compared with what Moshe dreamed of. He died leaving his dream in our hands.

But today, unlike in 1983, or ’93, or even 2003, we have the Internet, and it is an amazing tool indeed, for getting your message to the world, for expressing your passion, for sharing what you love, with the potential to reach millions.

Now you can apply your patience, and your ability to learn, to learning a new way of offering value, a new set of skills that will get you and the work known much, much better, into the future.

“If you know what you’re doing, you can do what you want.”

~ Moshe Feldenkrais

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