Cleaning Up After Cis Women’s Genitals.
River Needham


(Jason, Tuhina, Tracy, and others)

I don’t understand. I am not saying you were not hurt by what was written. I am not trying to invalidate your feelings. I am saying I don’t understand. I’m a cisgender, lesbian, 50 something year old woman and I don’t know what part of yesterday’s writing seemed violent or transmisogynistic. I have to assume you are not saying that it is wrong to write about blood and menstruation from a cisgender woman’s point of view. So, if it is acceptable to write about that experience, that history of being considered filthy and untouchable because of the blood, if it is coming from an honest hurt and pain or our own, what should have been changed? What should have been added or reworded to keep you and other transwomen from being hurt but also acknowledge our pain and hurt and strength and experience of bloody menstruation? Does everything written in this forum have to be seen from every perspective. Can different perspectives be seen and heard even if they are not universal perspectives? Obviously, and honestly, I do not understand.


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