There’s No Vaccine for Stupidity
Harry McEvansoneya

Are you aware that the Cochrane Collaboration, arguably one of the most prestigious organizations for peer reviewed scientific research in the world, accused the EMA of scientific misconduct over the safety (or lack thereof) of the HPV vaccine? Is the Cochrane Collaboration “anti-vaccine” because they raised issues about Gardasil’s safety? Their letter to the EMA is worth the full read. I promise you, it’s not that long. Here’s a short excerpt to get you started:

“These two experts question seriously the prevailing assumption, apparently also at the EMA, that the vaccine is so important for public health that it is justified not to communicate to the public 1) that there are uncertainties related to vaccine safety, 2) that drug companies cannot be trusted; and 3) that it is wrong to lump together results obtained with a genuine placebo with those obtained with a potentially neurotoxic placebo. We agree with the two experts when they suggest that this lumping may represent a cover up and we also find that the EMA should have informed the public about this unacceptable lumping of a true placebo with an active placebo instead of keeping it secret. This is totally unacceptable and contrary to good scientific practice to such a degree that we consider it outright scientific misconduct committed by the EMA.”

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