Nurturing Creativity is Timeless

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Einstein portrait from Pixabay & violinist by PakHong, Getty Images on Canva

‘Big-C,’ according to Edward de Bono, is important creativity, like having an idea that will make your company millions. ‘Little-c’ is not that, but it could be, who knows?

Since farmhouse crafts were superseded by large machines in nineteenth-century factories, one can’t help but wonder if this is where individual expressions of creativity came to be considered less important than what could be mass-produced. The Arts & Crafts movement reacted to the Industrial Revolution and the loss of value attached to personal creative expression, reclaiming creativity and beauty for the people.

Along with a huge resurgence of arts and crafts courses and the growth in art stores and online suppliers, there are signs that a reclaiming of creativity has been happening again at a grass-roots level and may well be our saving Grace. …

Gain clarity about creativity, coaching and flow so you can experience the wonder of your true creative nature

my student creating a mandala with colours chosen from a guided meditation/visualisation
my student creating a mandala with colours chosen from a guided meditation/visualisation
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Firstly — creativity and coaching — seem an odd combination. Creativity is effortless when it happens and coaching is not. But let’s explore that some more to see how they fit together to work for you.

The idea that ‘creativity is a skill’ has been in business and economics literature for quite a while. However, creativity cannot be measured, only outcomes judged. In other words, when reviewing a person’s skill set, what is really being considered is their capability to be creative in a way that usefully applies to a set of tasks to add value in a given situation i.e. …

A creative answer to anxiety discovered while being a cancer patient

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Photo Credit: Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

Being anxious is a common contemporary experience, even more marked in recent months. However, an anxious state of mind is not conducive to best thinking, such that projects, job applications, assignments, communications, decisions, and thus life, may be placed at risk.

When it hasn’t even been about the imperative of paying the bills, clients have told me the anxiety is always there as they ‘skim’ the surface of life, doing 3–4 things at once, putting off what really matters to them because … because why?

Pressure to achieve; to get it right; get it done…unspoken, invisible, insidious pressure that has millions suffering burnout. Inherent in the pressure is habitual fear of judgement; of failing; of being wrong. In a state of anxiety, getting it right matters, so one can continue to belong and continue without need to change. …

Epic article warning! Pack your lunch and grab a drink…

Recently, a colleague asked me how I came to ‘mash’ my talents to create my coaching system, which evolved in the wake of illness and personal tragedy. Here is the response to that question, some of which might be useful.

I’ve had substantial careers in Physiotherapy, Visual Arts, Education in the tertiary sector and privately, teaching visual arts with creativity coaching since 2012. …


Dr Suzanne Moss

Artist, private art teacher & coach helping people experience personal alchemy through art and creative Self expression

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