TERRY | This is not a dive

“I’ve had issues, but my drinking has been the main one,” says Terry.

Terry R. is 57 years old and is also raising his 5 year old son Ike. The drinking problem caused him to look for help. He tried two different organizations and treatment programs.

Terry and Ike moved into a single father’s home, but later became homeless because they couldn’t afford to stay.

That’s when Terry got online and found out about The Salvation Army’s service to veterans. “We had no place to go. The Salvation Army let us in. They rescued us; me and Ike,” says Terry.

Thanks to The Salvation Army, Terry and Ike have a nice little apartment, hot lunch and dinner every day, with cereal served in the mornings and accountability for drugs and alcohol. “We do a Breathalyzer test twice a day -morning and evening - with some random urinalysis,” he reports.

The Salvation Army Veterans and Family program is teaching Terry valuable lessons to provide for his and Ike’s future. Terry is saving money and establishing credit with the goal of someday buying a home for he and Ike.

“We have been here six months” shares Terry.

“Things are really nice around here. This is not a dive,” Terry says. One look at Ike’s smiling face will tell you that he is happy to be with his dad and feels safe, surrounded by the loving care of those who serve with The Salvation Army.

“The organization I went to before coming to The Salvation Army took advantage of me. They charged me $1,600.00 for seven days of treatment. They ruined me,” says Terry.

Terry admits that without The Salvation Army, he and Ike would be in a bad spot. “Without them, Ike and I would be lost. They saved us,” declares Terry.

The Salvation Army service programs help families and needy individuals with group homes, emergency shelters and transitional living centers. Counseling, educational and vocational services are also available. For information on services and locations near you, please click here for our zip code finder.




Content writer for The Salvation Army

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Suzanne Niles

Suzanne Niles

Content writer for The Salvation Army

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