Beginner Affiliate Marketing | 2 Ways To Earn $1,000+ Per Day

Suzanne Perkins M
Oct 21 · 6 min read

While many people interested in affiliate marketing just see it as a side income, for those of you who are serious about creating a real, significant income with affiliate marketing, like $1,000+ or more a day, there are basically two ways to do that.

snapshot of a sales commission report and the words that say how to make 1,000 dollars per day with affiliate marketing
snapshot of a sales commission report and the words that say how to make 1,000 dollars per day with affiliate marketing

I’m going to be laying out for you both of these methods, the pros and cons of each, and also how you can get started so you can start making $1,000+ per day or more in your business.

Now here’s the ground rules. In order to make these significant commissions from sales, we’re only going to be focusing on digital products.

As we talked about in our $100+ per day article, you earn much higher percentages from digital products. Much, much, higher percentages.

Which is really what you’re going to need to focus on if you want to make $1,000+ a day, unless you already have a MASSIVE audience and you can get there from a whole bunch of really small commissions from physical products.

Option #2

So option number two: launches. Partnering with someone who is launching a brand new course or who is simply interested in relaunching an existing course that they have, specifically to your audience. There is a lot of opportunity to earn really big during launches.

two hands shaking each other with digital image overlay
two hands shaking each other with digital image overlay

When someone that you know, and you trust their training content, asks you if you’d be interested in partnering with her for the launch of her new training, the answer is a simply “yes”.

Most importantly, their training should be a good fit for your audience. My friend’s training was a perfect fit.

By simply inviting my existing audience to attend a webinar, through my email and my Manychat lists, plus a few extra emails to seal the deal, I was able to bring bring in several thousand dollars in sales in just about a week’s time.

Now obviously, that is a huge return for simply inviting people to a webinar. But it works because of all the time I had spent beforehand building and nurturing my audience, so that I had a big list of people to invite, and I had already provided them with a lot of value. So if they saw an offer that made sense for them and their business, they were willing to purchase.

Pro: Small Effort Large Results

The pro is the very little bit of effort that you put in during the launch for the large amount of money that you can actually get in a short amount of time. However, that’s a huge pro!

Con: Need An Existing List

But the con would be that you have to have built up AND nurtured your list beforehand. Putting in all the work before ever working towards a specific launch. So, if you’re brand new, it’s going to be awhile before you can earn big during a launch.

Option #1

Now option number one, and probably the simplest option for new marketers to get to $1,000 a day or more with affiliate marketing, is to work with an affiliate program that has a value ladder.

a ladder with each step a different color indicating an increase in value and in price
a ladder with each step a different color indicating an increase in value and in price

A value ladder simply means that while the main offer is low end, it doesn’t cost much, but they offer more and more value to their existing customers, specifically those who are interested, at higher prices, say thousands or several thousands of dollars.

So as an affiliate you can simply promote the low-end, entry point offer. Create content and recommend the entry point offer to your audience.

With a good program, that’s really all you’ve got to do. The program itself then takes over.

They over-deliver with that entry point product, they provide tons of value and then they provide the opportunity for satisfied customers to get more value at a higher price.

Pro: Drives Up Sales

A good value ladder has several steps of increasing value and price offers. And a good system really takes care of everything after you’ve referred people to that initial entry point offer.

Con: Drive Traffic

You need to put in the work to drive the traffic to the value ladders via email list or list building, blogging, promoting, etc.


Now let’s be real, there are a lot companies that have come and gone in the past that have claimed to do this, but I really haven’t been impressed with 99.99% of them. They just didn’t give enough value to justify the higher prices that people were paying out, which resulted in unhappy customers.

When you end up with a bunch of unhappy customers, not only is that your reputation that’s on the line and being harmed, but also that’s when the FTC gets involved and starts looking at stuff.

A lot of companies have been shut down because they didn’t give enough value. They were all about just making sales, and they were really good at selling, but they didn’t provide good value to their customers.

So value is KEY! To be successful with a VALUE ladder, not just a price ladder.

a green value typewriter button
a green value typewriter button

When you’re referring people to something, you want to know that they’re going to be taken care of well. Because, as mentioned previously, it’s your reputation that’s on the line and you really want to serve your audience.

Now there is one program out there today that is successfully delivering a great suite of products with a solid value ladder that I truly recommend.

When you’re seriously focused on just…..

— Creating Content and
— Driving Traffic…..

….to their entry point offer and then they take it from there with great marketing, great service, and most importantly, GREAT VALUE.

So to take a look at this program, and see if it fits for your business so you can start seeing those $1,000+ days, just simply click right here and check it out.

Obviously, there are no guarantees in any program. You’ve got to put in your time, put in your effort, and you have to grow your audience to get real results.

But, this is an AWESOME opportunity and the number one program that I recommend today as an affiliate offer. So, click here to be sure and check that out. You won’t be sorry that you did.

Please know that I am in your corner and on your side and I am here to help YOU create the time freedom AND financial freedom that you and your family deserve.

Here’s to your success!
I’ll see you soon!
Suzanne Perkins

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