Leggings or Lives: What Drives the News Cycle?
Shannon Watts

First, I support the gun safety goals of Moms Demand Action. I agree with your conclusion of why is this still a story this morning, it is basically “fake news.” However, you really stepped in it here. Ask yourself honestly why you chose to tweet to your 34K+ followers. Was it really to obtain more information? Did you ask the affected family for permission to tweet? I maybe wrong, but I am guessing you did not ask permission. The family has been quiet and not in the media. Finally, you continue to refer to United’s lack of customer oriented strategy, without acknowledging that these girls were not United customers, they were travelling on passes. The policy that was applied, fairly or unfairly, was a policy directed towards non-revenue passengers, nor toward the United paying passenger. Be aware that you may have created a problem for the employee whose benefits they were flying under, by tweeting before you had the full picture.

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