I am blessed as an online Business Strategist and Coach to interact with numerous amazing and talented women. Online business is a world that is completely different from the brick and mortar space in a variety of delightful ways.

In online business, we put a big emphasis on our “why.”

Why did we get into this? Who are we here to help? What is our grand vision for our business and our life? What is our purpose?

One thing that rings true for every woman I come across is that there is some reason bigger than us that leads us…

I still remember the day clearly. My friend was battling cancer and was very weak. He had just gotten off of the phone with a friend that he asked to take him fishing. After he hung up the phone he said in his whisper of a voice, “I just want to go fishing. I want to live.” As I looked at tears welling up in his wife’s beautiful eyes as we both tried to keep our composure, my life was forever changed.

I was never a life is too short kind of person. I would eagerly await Friday, wishing my…

Suzanne Proksa

Innovative and fun loving Business Life and Wellness Coach + Human Resources Expert for women who love to make an impact. https://suzanneproksa.com

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