Women’s March. Downtown Los Angeles.

Whiny American Women?

I wrote this in response to a FB post from a woman expressing anger at being called a “disgrace to women” because she didn’t march. She doesn’t understand the outrage from “whiny American women” who have so much privilege. Here, I tried to explain my position…

“Did someone tell you that you were a disgrace? If so, I am so sorry that happened. That’s unkind and not at all called for. I’m also sorry if it seemed that the march was only for the rights of American women. That was not at all the foundation of the march.

We marched Saturday to raise our voices against all injustices. Not just for women but for humankind and for the environment. We marched because we believe that healthcare shouldn’t be something only available to the rich, or something that’s cheaper for a man. We marched because we believe that it is not OK to say profane things about a female or brag that you are allowed to grab them, and we feel such behavior is especially heinous when it comes from the leader of our country.

We marched because as human beings, we are actively destroying our planet and measures MUST be taken by those in charge to keep this from happening for the safety and well-being of generations to come. We marched because we love people who are gay, and transgender, and Muslim, and it breaks our hearts to see them treated with less respect than is due a human being. We marched in the continued fight for racial equality. We marched because we were all once immigrants and demand mercy and empathy for those struggling every day to improve their lives.

We marched because we think torture is unacceptable no matter the circumstances. We marched because women in America make $.70 to the dollar of their male counterparts. We marched because we believe that education is the key to our future and making it accessible to every individual in our country will only make us better as a whole. We marched because we know people who work 60+ hour weeks and still can’t afford to feed their families. We marched because there are thousands of people living on the streets with nowhere to shower or go to the restroom, and we don’t believe that cutting taxes on the rich will “trickle down” to these folks. We marched because we know beautiful, disabled human beings who don’t deserve to be mocked, and require special programs to help them lead full lives, and we are a country with the means to provide such help.

We marched because we believe that cutting the arts programs will not benefit but rather harm our society. We marched because we are tired of seeing Cancer take the lives of our friends and we believe funding scientific research will lead to a cure. We marched because we believe that the invaluable institutions in our country should be run by qualified individuals with job-relevant expertise.

We marched for and with all the women and men of the world who believe that daily, hateful rhetoric from our leaders is not normal, not Ok, and not to be accepted. We marched against tyranny. We marched against bigotry. We marched for justice and for love. Our March was worldwide. For all women. For all men. For all human beings. For the future of our planet. Because we believe ‘There comes a time when silence is betrayal.’ –MLK

I respect your reasons for feeling the way you do and I respect your words. I just want you to know that, from the other side, it is with love that we act. The love on the streets Saturday was palpable. We want so much to leave a healthy, loving, and just world for children, our nieces, our nephews, and our grandchildren. I don’t claim to have it all figured out, but I will never give up fighting for what I believe is right, and that is why Saturday, I marched. I hope you can respect that and I hope you can understand.”