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LOL, You havent a clue my dear, First VooDoo is not what I practice.Neither is Santaria, and my education and IQ , experience and life have been dedicated to good.

Its obvious your fear is of anyone different, and that is what the current regime of the Orange one and his evil hoard wants, fear and hate of anything you do not understand. That is why you are so easily brain washed.

Jesus was a healer and great teacher with love and lack of fear, he walked with the beggars, the lepers the untouchables. He did run the money changers in the temple out! And that is what the good folks of America are doing. They are refusing to fall for the lies and greed.

AS to the orange one making this a better place to live??????? How does that Flint water taste? How does it feel to walk past a Disabled Vet begging for work? How does it feel to see a senior have to eat cat food, because their SS and medical has been stripped? Dont get mad at me. Take a deep look at who you are praising, maybe look for the mark of the beast under that bad hairdo!

Maybe you should open the bible and read it instead of just using it as a booster seat for your childish attitude! LOL

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