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Troll Joe.

Your beloved GOP blocked more bills, took more money and proved the depth of their depravity for the past 8 years, so get those facts straight.

You claim to be a Vet? In CA there are many many homeless vets. So what have you done to lift them up in your town? I know what my business and community have done in support of them. I know what my family has given in service to America and currently is serving in more than 3 branches.

My father and 7 uncles served and fought against the Nazis. He would be fighting against this sad excuse for a president, I have no doubt!

As to the issue at hand You do not know of what you speak. First off , this binding ritual is NOT A SPELL. It is not a hex, It is not a hateful thing, but rather a prayer for the Liars in DC to be stopped.

Really sorry that you are so blind to see the damage and hate your leader has directed at woman, elderly, the arts, nature and yes freedom.

He has to block legitimate press because he is too self involved to hear criticism , He stacks the deck with sick minds like Bannon, and uneducated like DeVoss and soon will come for your beloved guns when his kind start to see the danger he represents and want to take a pot shot at him.

I really hope that you stop drinking the funny Kool Aid and start thinking clearly. Unless you think he will make you one of his Nazi Jackboot troopers!

Well , I still have my right to follow my religion and speak my mind , you still have your right to free speech. Even hate of me and my spiritual beliefs, whether you like it or not. the universe is diverse.

I will add you to the list of folks who need prayers of truth and light, and hope that your guardian angel smacks you hard the next time you judge .. Karma dude, Karma!!

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