Luxuries of the Rich and Famous That You Can Have On Your Arizona Vacation

Luxury travel is all about experiencing things that you would not normally encounter or even afford on a daily basis.

When you travel to Arizona on your next vacation, you should plan to turn your trip into a luxury affair by enjoying the below activities:

  1. Wine and dine in style

If you love wine, you will enjoy the fresh flavors you will find in Arizona. You can go to wine tasting bars and sample your favorite wines.

If you are planning to dine out every evening, you can incorporate the wine tasting into your dinner plans and enjoy a meal with a good bottle of wine.

To see where the wine comes from, take an arranged tour and enjoy the lush scenery of the beautiful vineyards.

2. Take a hot air balloon ride

I am sure that when you see pictures of Sir Richard Branson cruising thousands of feet in the air in his hot air balloon, you have always wanted to experience the same thing one day.

While in Arizona, you can take a hot air balloon ride over the Arizona desert. See the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River and the many valleys and mountains that mark the landscape of Arizona.

You can celebrate your events in style. Turn your Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversary celebration or surprise gift into the most luxurious event of your life.

3. Golf

Arizona is one of the finest places to play golf. Enjoy a relaxed game of golf on the numerous golf courses available and at a bargain cost.

If you book into a luxury resort that is on a golf course, you will get to enjoy its golfing facilities full time.

4. Visit a spa

Nothing makes you appreciate luxury like a spa does. There are many spas to choose from in Arizona. Sample them to experience tranquility and full pampering by beauty therapists who will attend to you with facial treatments, body scrubs, aromatherapy and massages.

The sauna and steam bath will cleanse you both inside and outside, leaving your skin looking vibrant and your body free of toxins.

If your vacation lasts a couple of weeks, book several spa visits so that by the time you leave Arizona, your body and senses will be feeling extremely awakened and invigorated.

Most of the luxury homes in Arizona come with a spa so you do not have to go hunting. You can experience luxury treatment in the vicinity of your luxury condo.Click here to see if your luxury rental comes with a spa.

5. Be part of car racing

If there is something the rich and famous enjoy, it’s a car race involving high performance vehicles. You too can get to enjoy this wonderful experience by attending a NASCAR rally at the Phoenix international raceway.

6. Picnic and the watch the sun set

Go out for a romantic picnic in the desert. Carry your canvas, inks and paintbrushes with you then while the time away by painting the amazing landscape of Arizona.

However, if you are not the artsy type, a camera will do. Take as many photos as possible to remember this moment.

In the evening, have a glass of wine as you watch the sun set.

Arizona is truly an amazing place to be. Indulge fully in the luxuries it has to offer while on your next vacation.

Author bio:

David Kuttner — photographer, writer, and a father. When he’s not busy writing, he’s most likely spending time with his wife and their two mischievous dogs: Lily and Bart. Visit his site to read what he has to say about fashion and luxury living.

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