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Listening to others and considering their point of view, self-education, stop blaming others, stop staring at screens and finding common ground through kindness can help end this American OMG moment.

The problems are piling up in America, and it’s a big pile. We, as a nation, are in desperate need of solutions.

This late-summer morning, orange smoke from wildfires eclipsing much of the nation west of the Rockies hung hazily in the air. Tropical storms lined up like balls down a lane of a bowling alley. The New York Times reported another 1,281 deaths today, of more than 200,000 already dead due to the coronavirus in America. Recent race riots have divided communities, unveiling new depths of hatred.

Women have stalled out at earning 81.6 cents on the male dollar, yet 83% of single parents are mothers. America also ranks first in the world for the rate of single-parent households. Do the math: Almost 70% of single parents are due payments for child support. …


Suzanne Wentley

Suzanne Wentley is a professional writer, full-time traveler, yoga teacher, energy worker and believer in you. Check out

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