The Hero’s Journey: Our 3-Year Adventure at Hullabalu

Last week was an important milestone for our team at Hullabalu. Three years of work culminated in the release of “Han Awakening,” the seventh and final book in The Adventures of Pan Series.

Our guiding principles

Completing the final book in the epic adventure of a fearless purple panda resulted from a team effort supported by illustrators, animators, engineers, writers, and team members who doubled as voice actors. The company was founded on the mission of ushering in a new era of storytelling, one that engages kids and enriches their development in new and delightful ways, and we are proud of the foundation we created.

We’re also humbly aware of the long-term nature of this vision. For us, it feels like the first inning of a new paradigm of kid’s engagement and interaction with the digital world. As we look to build the future, we rely on a primary relationship between content and technology.

Story is King

The first component of this relationship is the content. In the world of Hullabalu, our guiding light is the story. We wake up every day driven by a connection to our characters with a deeply-held respect for their challenges and emotional battles, understanding that kids learn and develop through these same emotional connections.

Creating this dynamic for children is exponentially more difficult today than at any other point in human history given the high velocity of information kids process and different methods through which they consume it. In a world of smartphones, tablets and augmented reality, the magic of storytelling must evolve with the way children engage with the world and our team of engineers and designers are leaders driving this evolution.

A lot can get done on a little couch.

Engineering the Future

With one adventure series released and a new anthology series underway, we have been thinking about new ways to push our technology further. Imagine new technology unlocking and animating 1000’s of years of one dimensional content and guiding the next generation of entertainment and education. This is a future that we believe is present and that our product team iterates relentlessly towards.

Internally we call our solution to this underlying technical challenge Pegasus, and it allows us to bring any story to life in weeks. Once created, kids don’t just read our stories, they touch and manipulate them. By observing their natural actions, we improve and update our stories in real time. We have already collected billions of engagement data points from kids playing with just Pan. Imagine the vast well of engagement knowledge as stories powered by Hullabalu grow by an order of magnitude.

What’s Next

At Hullabalu, we’re incredibly excited to sit at the apex of content creation and consumption. Our next few years are focused on bringing the scalability of what we’ve built to the entire publishing industry and enabling a much broader movement to take hold.

We also remain steadfastly committed to our original content and stories and can’t wait to bring you more experiences from the Pan family. This is a bright time for lovers of people and their stories, and it’s about to get much brighter!

Our three heroes on their journey. Also, the painting currently hanging in our office living room.